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The Planet is the Point, both as a real local effort to improve our quality of life and as a metaphor for our greater environment.

Our small part is to do what we do well. We believe the time has come for Oregon winegrowing to become a beacon of best practices. We also believe the time has come for consumers to exercise their choices based not only on taste and value but also on the verifiable provenance of a product that embodies truly sustainable practices.

Planet Oregon wines symbolize an assurance to consumers that what is in the bottle represents a highly conscious and verifiable standard for responsible winegrowing.

As an extension, therefore, exercising your choice of these wines is a validation of your own commitment to the planet.

Make no mistake -- we believe that doing the right thing is good for business. We are betting that the market will reward our commitment to sustainable business practices as well as our tasty wines. This will ensure our own survival for generations... the fundamental meaning of sustainability.